Concealed Beauty
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Lifting tape for the young, old, and everyone in-between.


Concealed Beauty Tape


Instant face, neck, and eye lift tape (Pack of 20 + 10 Bonus pieces)


The CONCEALED Beauty stickers are designed to provide an instant lift on the skin imperfections around face, neck, jaw, and eye area. 

Facelifts are expensive and unreliable. There has been countless facelift horror stories from non-natural results to downright disfigured looking incidents. Facelifts cost in excess of $5000 dollars and many individuals continue to test their luck in attempt for tighter, smooth, and younger looking results. 

The Concealed Tape is for those who understands there is a safer and a much more cost effective way to achieve the exact same results with only a few dollars and a few minutes. Say "NO" to paying outrageous amounts for unreliable facelifts with such scary consequences. 


Achieve the same look as if  you constantly held your skin back with the Concealed Beauty tape.

Achieve the same look as if  you constantly held your skin back with the Concealed Beauty tape.

  • NO STRING & CORDS: The Concealed stickers is a strong hypoallergenic adhesive which will last you from morning to night, yet paintless to remove. Unlike other methods, there are no strings or cord-like headband to wear behind or over your head
  • INSTANT TIGHTENING & LIFT: Whether it's age or minor facial imperfections, our CONCEALED stickers can help you achieve an instant lift by tightening saggy skin, eliminate wrinkles from your face, neck, jaw and eye area
  • Easy to apply, long-lasting, and gentle on skin upon removal
  • Each Pack has a 10 extra pieces for you to practice and understand how to apply and what type of stretch tension works best for your purpose

"I LOVE IT - My friends tell me I smile more and I'm never shy for photos anymore"



Our Concealed Beauty tape are breathable, waterproof, medical grade, hypoallergenic stickers that is easy to apply and can last all day, yet painless and harmful upon removal.


"it's become part of my morning routine before I step out the door for work - love it and recommend it"


How To Use

The Concealed Beauty stickers are medical grade films with one adhesive side, meat to be applied to two skin locations of your choice to ulimately pulled closer together, achieving a tightening effect. Because the tape is elastic, when stretch it will have a natural tendency of tto return back to shape, providng that magical lift/tightening effect.

1. Ensure skin is oil free and dry.


2. Remove one end of the sticker's rear protective film and apply on the skin.

3. Firmly hold one finger as the "anchor finger" on the already applied end of the sticker.

4. Then in one motion, stretch the sticker 5-6 m away from your anchor finger and remove the remaining rear sticker protective film and apply to skin.

5. Firmly hold for 3-5 seconds to ensure a secure adhesion.

6. Remove the surface tabs with blue arrows.

7. End result should look flawless and natural.



TIP #1: The tape can be placed on different areas to achieve your desired results. (Neck Lift | Face Lift | Eye Lift and more)


Tip #2: Skin should not have deep folds. Avoid over stretching the sticker. Practice guiding the excess skin upon applying the sticker to achieve a natural flawless look.





"as a model I use to wear heavy foundation and contour to create a sharper looking face for the camera. Instead, I now use the Concealed Beauty tape for all my photo-shoot"